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Fantasy Lingerie: Is It All Just French Maid Outfits?

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Christmas always brings a rush to find the perfect costume. Many women love Christmas because it allows them to step outside of what they would normally wear. They go to parties in costumes with a little more daring, like the classic French maid or naughty nurse uniform. Part of the joy of Christmas is the ability to dress up and pretend to be something or someone else.

Why reserve this for Christmas alone? You and your partner can do a little costume play any time of the year with some fantasy lingerie.

This Is Silly

It may feel silly, maybe, but do you remember how you felt when you were a kid and you put on a costume? You felt like you were someone else. You had an excuse to act in ways you might not normally allow yourself to. This is what fantasy lingerie is all about.

Picture a quiet, shy wallflower in a leather cat suit and stiletto heels - See how that woman goes from the innocent little angel to a she-devil in the bedroom in no time flat.

At first, fantasy lingerie might make you and your partner feel very self-conscious. Give it time and allow yourselves to laugh. This is all about having fun and letting go! Introduce the idea of fantasy lingerie through talking. Remember: both of you need to share your thoughts!

Sparking the conversation could be as easy as watching a movie and commenting on the costumes people are wearing. Does your man prefer period pieces? Does a French maid with a sexy accent turn him on? Does he like the look of a tightly laced bodice? Or does he prefer a more contemporary, powerful look, like a business suit with sexy lingerie underneath?

What about you? Putting on costumes isn't reserved for women alone, you know. Maybe you're the incurable romantic, fed on fantasies of a dime-store romance novel of men in billowing pirate shirts and tight leggings? Maybe you have a thing for rough and rugged construction workers! You know that every man has at least one tool belt in the garage - bring that inside the home for some fun.

It's Good to Be Bad

Now that you've introduced the idea of a little role playing in the bedroom, what are the most popular fantasy lingerie ideas? Ideas for sexy costumes are as varied as your imagination. You don't have to spend a lot of money; you could probably start with whatever you have in your closet and around the house.

If you need a few ideas to get you started with fantasy lingerie, here they are:

* Pirates: Pirate costumes are enjoying a revival thanks to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. A properly laced bodice can give any woman cleavage and enhance an hourglass figure
* French Maid: No man can resist this flirty classic. Turn housework into playtime
* Naughty Nurse Uniform: Take "playing doctor" to a whole new level
* Police woman (or man!): Great idea for a little round of good cop/bad cop
* Schoolgirl or Cheerleader: Men just love looking at those short skirts, reliving their high school fantasies


A change of pace can be great, but only if both partners are willing. If you or your partner is feeling uneasy or unsure about the role-playing, take the time to communicate properly about it. Fantasy lingerie, role-playing toys and other objects are great for bringing in some exploration, but without communication, that adventure could wind up being a disappointment.

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